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MyEO OneWorld!

MyEO OneWorld is an intentional EO community of underrepresented members and their allies empowered to share authentically and grow their perspectives.

EO members have a shared identity as entrepreneurs. MyEO OneWorld ensures we all have a shared experience of support. 

MyEO OneWorld is open to everyone around the world – EO Members, Significant Life Partners, Adult Children and Strategic Alliance Partners. If you believe a diverse EO is a stronger EO, we invite you to join us on this journey.




We believe that a diverse EO is a stronger EO. MyEO OneWorld is a significant part of EO’s DEI initiative and our mission is to create a more socially conscious, culturally diverse and inclusive experience for all EO members. We will do this through educational opportunities, a unique forum experience and communication tools that allow members to connect. If we are successful, OneWorld will be one of the most compelling reasons members join and stay in EO.

Our four foundational pillars

we believe in:

Safe Space

Holding Space for underrepresented EO members and their allies is sacred and essential.

Giving Voice

Giving voice to the ever-changing complexities faced by our members.

Empowered Communities

Working together to embody beloved communities of belonging.

Enhanced Connection

Disrupting the status quo enhances the value of our connection.

We are Breaking Barriers & Bridging The Gap on the path of building ways to collaborate, respect and align as One Global EO Community.



MyEO OneWorld will connect you with like-minded people around the world who are interested in connecting with people like them and allies who want to actively participate in their education. We will offer a unique forum experience, virtual and in-person events and communication tools so all MyEO OneWorld members can learn and connect.

Breaking Barrier Dinners

The MyEO OneWorld Breaking Barrier Dinners can be best described as a forum for a night on a specific topic. Everyone is expected to be vulnerable and share at a deep level. The goal of the dinner is not to change your mind but rather to allow you to share and hear the different perspectives of those around the table.

To learn more email Chris Wilkerson at [email protected]

Deeper Forum Experiences

Add a different experience than your chapter forum.
Celebrate diversity and share at the deepest level by
having difficult conversations. MyEO OneWorld forums
will go deeper into topics that you are facing today with
forum-mates that have true shared experiences.

To learn more email Andrea Duffield at [email protected]

Empowering Events

Gain VIP access to unique virtual events and in-person
wow events around topics that empower entrepreneurs to authentically share and grow their perspective.

To learn more email Kayla Dennis at [email protected]

Access Member Portal

Gain exclusive access to a private member portal to find
and connect with other MyEO OneWorld members around the world, plus tools and resources for you, your family, and your team that will empower. educate and bring the necessary change around you.

To learn more email Steve Distante at [email protected]

Diverse Mentorship

Mentorship is the heartbeat of EO and the MyEO OneWorldMentorship program provides a wide range of direct, meaningfulopportunities to increase mutual growth by offering a range ofoptions to engage, including mentor/mentee coaching withsomeone of the same underrepresented community and allies whowant to become better allies plus MyEO OneWorld membersmentoring at an external engagement level with diverse communities.

To learn more email Liz Reitman at [email protected]


Uncomfortable Conversations


On our journey, we aim to make uncomfortable conversations comfortable. We need to lean into and learn about our bias (known and unconscious), and blind-spots. The threads of suppression and discrimination impact us all in different ways. Join us in this fight to make EO a better EO.

“We are thrilled to support EO OneWorld as a globally supported MyEO initiative. The world of entrepreneurship has changed and it is important to provide a safe space for our members to have vulnerable discussions about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, it’s how we grow!”

Carrie Santos, CEO, EO Global

“Our tremendous member diversity is what make the EO experience so rich for entrepreneurs as well as our professional staff. That diversity pollinates across borders, generations, ethnicities and industries, from small businessesto large. Our role as leaders is not to stand on stage and focus the spotlight on ourselves. Rather, it is to share our experiences, insights and opportunities with others – particularly those with disadvantageous starting points. I am pleased to see the MyEO OneWorld group thriving as a place for our members to appreciate and celebrate each other’s individuality.”

Marc Stockli, Chair, EO Board of Director


One World Events


In conjunction with the Powerhouse speaker series, MyEO OneWorld will co-host a viewing party while MyEO OneWorld’s President, Delano Massey, facilitates a conversation with Bozman Saint James, the CMO of NetFlix.


Join MyEO OneWorld on your educational journey April
23-26 in Washington DC. Using the diversity and unique
opportunities DC has to offer, join MyEO OneWorld for
our first time on the Global EO stage as we take the next important step in our journey


On September 27, join OneWorld to celebrate as only OneWorld can at Nerve in Virginia Beach. OneWorld will host an after hours party – make sure you join to ensure your entry to this special event.

The Invitation.

This event will be held in New York City October 12–14, 2022. It is an invitation to learn from and connect with EO members. Accepting “The Invitation” is a powerful step in your own journey to understand the World from different points of view. The event will feature a Powerhouse speaker, breakout sessions, and access to unique events where we can learn about and celebrate diversity through food, culture and performances.



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Need more information to help make a more informed
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MyEO OneWorld

Board & Committees

Delano Massey

OneWorld President (EO Atlanta)

Kayla Dennis

Learning Chair (EO St. Louis)

Parveen Dhupar

Mktg & Comm Chair (EO Toronto)

Allie Young

SAP Chair (EO Atlanta)

Steve Distante

Membership Chair (EO Long Island)

Liz Reitman

Mentoring Chair (EO New York City)

Debbie Kiederer

Mentoring Co-Chair (EO New York City)

Andrea Duffield

Forum Chair (EO Seattle)

David Felfoldi

Member Engagement (EO Atlanta)

Learning Committee

Chris Wilkerson

(EO New York City)

Jessica Aiello

(EO Washington D.C.)

Kevin Ross

(EO Los Angeles)

Membership Committee

Bryan Luoma

(EO New York City)

Ted Panebianco

(EO Long Island)

Member Engagement Committee

Peter Fan

(EO Dallas)

William Gray

(EO St. Louis)

Forum Committee

Eloise Gonzalez

(EO South Florida)

David Rose

(EO New York City)